Head of School’s Note

Dear prospective students,

I invite you to enroll in Higher agricultural school of applied studies in Šabac. There are numerous reasons why our school is the best choice for you. I will name only a few of them:

  • We offer a wide range of study programmes: seven undergraduate study programmes and two specialist study programmes (divided into three modules)
  • A high probability of tuition-free studies (studies financed by the State)
  • 59-year-long tradition
  • We are a state accredited school
  • We have extraordinary teaching staff
  • Our school is equipped with modern teaching aids
  • Internship can be done in Serbia or abroad
  • There is a possibility of student exchange between our and other higher education institutions in Serbia and abroad
  • We have signed agreements on cooperation with the Faculties in surroundings and with EU universities
  • There is a possibility of employment in state institutions
  • Or setting up a private business:
  • Opening an agricultural pharmacy,
  • Organising mini-farms,
  • Producing fruit, vegetables and flowers in protected spaces,
  • Projecting a business plan, etc.

Our school is the best choice for you because WE VALUE KNOWLEDGE!

Professor Dejan Grujić, PhD

Head of School

’The future depends on what we are doing at present.’